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Feed Our Medics: Helping Our Healthcare Heroes

Joeline Hackman is the co-founder of Feed Our Medics, a charity that uses donations to buy meals from cafes that are financially struggling and provide them to medics – nurses, paramedics, and doctors – in need of a boost.

Two years of COVID-19 running rampant and it feels like a marathon that someone keeps moving the finish line for, so it will come as no surprise if your experience of the pandemic has left you feeling angry, anxious, or exhausted.

“During the first lockdown in 2020, some of my nursing friends were scared to eat the food incase it was infected with COVID, and all the supermarket shelves were empty by the time they got around to doing their own shopping,”

Feed Our Medics aim to provide a lift in morale to people who are taking personal risk to treat and comfort COVID-19 patients and support local businesses.

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