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About us

Our Founders

Medical workers are all that stand between us and a COVID-19 disaster and, while we can’t help them save patients, there is a way to show them how much we care — by giving them a hot meal and a note to remind them we care.

It’s the idea of 3 friends Joeline Hackman, Lizzie Wall and Stevie Hooper that they've turned into a registered national charity.


Joeline Hackman

"Healthcare workers have risks that non-medical people don't fully appreciate."

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Stevie Hooper
Partnerships Director

"The pandemic has really impacted small businesses and we should help."

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Lizzie Wall
Co-Founder & Treasurer

"It makes sense to combine the groups together and benefit both."

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"Working with the community and our incredible volunteers has shown us the best in people and what can happen when you share a bit of kindness and care."

Jimmy Hayes
Manager - East

"When significant challenges arise there is always opportunity. This initiative supports our local businesses and feeds our hospital heroes. It makes sense and feels good."

Mark Pentecost
Manager - West

"I'm concerned about the plight of our nurses and doctors coping with the pandemic. And also the hefty impact on our paramedics. It's important to support the people who are caring for others."

Amanda Levy
Executive Support

"Let's get on the front foot and help our nurses, who are really struggling at the moment. This also helps our hospitality industry, who've been struggling since covid hit as well."


"To see the photos of those fridges full of food I made and smiling nurses, who I could see were very fatigued, made me so deeply happy.

Food is about caring and connection, which is especially important to create when these medics are giving care and connection to our isolated and vulnerable."

-- Melanie, Local Cafe Owner, Pure Wholefoods

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Want to be a food partner to your local hospital?

"Covid brought a downturn in my business and partnering with Feed Our Medics meant an opportunity to put my business in front of amazing local nurses and doctors - to help them like they've helped us - and a boost to our much needed income."

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