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Random Acts Of Covid-19 Kindness

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

A woman has come up with a novel way of thanking our medical heroes - by feeding them. It's one way to show that we care - by Lisa Mayoh from the Daily Telegraph.

Medical workers are all that stand between us and a COVID-19 disaster and, while we can’t help them save patients, there is a way to show them how much we care — by giving them a hot meal.

It’s the idea of Joeline Hackman, who has seen the stress and exhaustion her husband Greg, an anaesthetist, and their healthcare worker friends, are experiencing every day.

The Manly mother-of-two Joeline Hackman knows many doctors and nurses, working long shifts, don’t have time to get to the shops, let alone prepare nutritious meals.

So she has come up with Feed Our Medics, using crowdsourcing to create funds and then paying struggling cafes and restaurants to make healthy, wholesome meals for medics.

And so everyone wins.

"With supermarket shelves being empty and deliveries coming in a week’s time, I thought: ‘How are these people doing 12-hour shifts, five or six days running and able to plan their food and be well nourished?"

So far, she and friends Lizzie Wall, Stevie Hooper and Kirsty Gardiner have called on the community and raised $5000 — enough for 500 meals for staff at Northern Beaches Hospital, Hornsby Hospital, RPA and Prince of Wales.

"I feel so humbled by the fact that nurses doing long shifts are at increased risk to themselves and their families to go and support people at risk from this pandemic. I feel at times like this, you have to act.”

If you'd like to donate visit the charity's gofundme page.

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